About Me

Hi there!

Namaste. Welcome. Aloha. Salut. Ciào.

I’m Bhoomi Lengde and I love everything thats related to creativity from fashion and beauty to DIY and crafting to organising. I’ve always been a crafter at heart and my memories of crafting go back to age 5 when I started to get obsessed with making my own jewellery. I started to collect beads from broken bracelets and gems from old chains and putting them together in my own fabulous child-like fashion. I once even painted raw macaroni different colours and threaded it into a chain and wore it pretty much everyday.

I’m not very good with autobiographies so here are some questions to which I have some answers!

  • Ethnicity? Pure breed Indian
  • Religion? Love
  • Where do I live? Dubai, UAE
  • How old am I? 23 at the moment. 28 Feb 1992
  • About my Blogname? I wanted something quirky and someone suggested CuriousCurlys and the name kinda stuck.
  • One thing I love about myself? My hair!
  • Life Motto? There are quite a few things that I believe in but these two are pretty much the gist of it. “Everything happens for a reason“. “There’s more to Life than what meets the eye“.
  • Pet Peeves? Fears? Pet Peeve: Extremely crowded areas, bad handshake, dirty spectacles and poor customer service. Fears: Failure and all types of bugs and insects.
  • Current Obsession? Godiva Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt. My basil plant. Coconut and Vanilla Candle from Matalan.
  • Favourite places to shop at? H&M. Topshop. Express. F21. Pull & Bear. Charles & Keith. Aldo.
  • Email? bhoomi_lengde (at) hotmail (dot) com

Stayed tuned for the first blog post next week!

Until next time, thank you for stopping by and sharing some love.