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IMG_9160Say bye bye to your diets with this new subscription box in town – The Gingerbread Box (TGB)! TGB a premium dessert mystery box subscription created with love to delight every sweet tooth in the UAE. First of its kind in the UAE, TGB is designed to satisfy the most ridiculous of cravings with 3-5 unique treats every month.

Although I could not head to Taste of Dubai to visit TGB’s launch stand, my darling friend Safiya (the brain child behind this) sent this box over to me and like I told her “this box could not have come at a better time in my life”. Can we take a moment to thank the creator of desserts because there are times (maybe not for everyone) that the only thing that can help is desserts (psst.. there is a fix to this now – TGB).


Let talk Packaging! The box is a good size to fit each and every treat perfectly and not squish it, especially with items like the cake-pop and brownies, it’s easy for them to get squished if the box isn’t big enough. I love how simple the print is and the I love the brown of the box. Normally cardboard boxes come in this ugly cool tone grey, which does not look welcoming at all. Inside the box, there is blue confetti cushion where all the goodness lies. It is a good amount but I wish it could have been slightly more so that it could provide better cushioning if anything was in the glass jar (like the Looshi’s Smores – more on this below). Apart from the treats there is a What’s In This Box card that tells you more about the ingredients of the desserts, where is a dessert from, and instructions, if any.

Sugar Rush Anyone? The Box included 5 treats to sweeten your taste buds. Lets talk about this in the order of what I loved the most to what I would rather give it to someone else to eat.


Red Velvet Cake-Pops by CUP N CAKES DUBAI: Om nom nom nom, sorry what was that? I couldn’t hear you over the goodness this cake-pop. I love cake, especially cakes that don’t take eggy (some cakes have that egg-like taste). This one just melts in the mouth from the first bite that your take of the cake-pop, has a slight fudge like texture but I think that what makes it so good. Win win win!


Legendary Brownie by OUSHE GOURMET BAKESHOP: A good brownie can make even the saddest of the days not so sad anymore. A perfect pick me up treat. The perfect sweetness, gooey texture and size to fulfill your sweet craving. They are so rich in chocolate (in a good way) and they melt right away with so much flavour lingering in your mouth. Trust me it’s a  party in the mouth. Big Hit!

Assorted Cookies by BOULEVARD GOURMET: No one likes dry cookies and these are exactly the opposite of that. It’s a once you start you can’t stop sort of situation with these. So fresh with the perfect amount of crunch, Boulevard Gourmet at Radisson Blu Hotel, Deira Creek you’ve made me a very happy girl. I like to smell my food, I know its weird but if my nose is happy my taste buds are also happy and the lovely bakeshop scent that these cookies have … mmmmm.. you just have to try it, Delicious!


Smores Jar by LOOSHIS: Love me some Peanut Butter and Chocolate treat! Personally, I am not a fan of marshmallows, but I do love peanut butter (PB), chocolate and biscuits. Quite messy to eat, still really tasty, but not something I would pick mainly because of the marshmallows. The ratio of chocolate to PB was ok, could have used a bit more of chocolate. Loved the packaging though (yay! tiny jar DIY time).

Cupcake Gourmet Popcorn by POPCORNPOLIS: Do you like Cupcakes? Do you like Popcorn? Would you like them to be one big happy family? Now they are! With Caramel flavoured popcorn, white chocolate and sprinkles Popcornpolis have combined the two very nicely together. This kind of treat is perfect for kids or even adults who love their sweet fix to be intensely sugared. I like to stick to my cheese and butter popcorn and leave the cupcake behind, but hey! if this your treat, you do you love.

Need to buy this now? Subscription packages are monthly, three or six months with prices ranging from AED 89-99 per month (shipping included!). These boxes make an excellent gift a loved one for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries but mostly it’s the perfect gift to your indulgent self (what they like to call the ultimate ‘cheat day’ experience!

The Verdict

5 items, decent quantity, delicious treats yeah I would. It does seem like AED 99 is too high for the number of treat you are getting but for me solid quality beats quantity. Plus you get an opportunity to discover new dessert eateries in the UAE via The Gingerbread Box where you could take yourself or you could take a friend when having a bad day and just KNOW that this place has a fix! Now the bigger question lies will they include eggless, nut free and gluten free treats as well? Not everyone eats eggs and can be allergic to nuts and gluten. Guess we shall just have to wait to find out.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.09.10 AM

Subscribe by the 29th of March to get your sweet treat by the first week of April 2016! Also, get a 20% off on your first purchase with an exclusive discount code “TASTE20” valid until 29 March 2016.

Email them on or check out their website.

Disclaimer: The Gingerbread Box featured in this post is complimentary for review consideration. However, the opinions shared herein are those of the author and not indicative of the opinions or positions of TGB, Taste of Dubai or any other company.



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