image February Favourites + Surprise!

Hello Friends!

February went by so fast, it feels like yesterday that the month started. Last month was really special because it was my BIRTHDAY MONTH *cue dance music* and I thought what better way to add to the celebration than sharing with you guys my favourites of the month (sorry I’m late though). I think I’ll begin this as a series but I don’t know, let’s see where the wind takes me. For now it’s taken me to these products.

I’m going to divide them into categories because that’s just so much more simpler to do.


As you must have must have noticed I have curly hair and it’s quite difficult to maintain if I am not on top of my hairgame. I follow the curly girl method – there is so much info about this out there now – because of which I don’t really use shampoo. You must be thinking “Eww how do you clean you hair?”, aren’t ya? There are ways to work around it and I’ll do a post on my hair care routine only because there is so much involved. I’m going to stop babbling and tell you that two products that I have been loving this month (well not me, my hair is loving) are the 5 Plant Conditioner from Garnier and the Herbal Nature’s Gate Conditioner (this smells divine btw!). I use the 5 Plant Conditioner for Co-Wash because it’s really light in texture because anything heavy and my hair cannot handle it and it get really oily and weighed down (it doubles up as a leave-in as well because of its light texture), and I use the Herbal Nature’s Gate Conditioner in the lengths of my hair because it’s really smooth and helps to detangle my hair very easily. Occasionally I’ll mix the two, just in case my hair is feeling super dry and leave it in the hair for 10-15 mins and then rinse it out with cold water and my hair feels super smooth and nourished. Both of these products are silicone and paraben free. I picked up the Garnier Conditioner at Carrefour and Nature’s Gate Conditioner at Life Pharmacy.



The weather in Dubai throughout most of the month was quite cold and since I suffer from dry skin I wanted to find a more natural solution to tackle it. Although I still love my Moroccan Argan Oil, I wanted to change up my routine a bit and when I visited the African Pavilion (best pavilion and the people are so kind) at Global Village I picked up Shea Butter and Shea Butter is so rich in Vitamins A, E and F. It offers UV protection (SPF ~6), and provides the skin with essential fatty acids and nutrients necessary for collagen production. Shea Butter in its natural form is solid and you need to work it in your palms to liquefy it (similar to coconut oil). I take a tiny bit on my fingertips, work it in my palms and apply it all over my face. At times, I’ll apply some on my feet, knees, elbows and hand.

A not so expensive option for a face mask with beautiful results is this one I found by L’ACTION. It’s a mud mask that you leave on for 10-15 mins on your face and remove with room temperature water. It leaves your skin feeling supple and nourished without going to the salon (I’m all about nourishing this month). Also, because it’s a mud mask its great of removing all the dirt in your pore.


Speaking of hand, I think I’ve found my favourite hand cream! It’s from this brand called Sebamed and I’ve seen it around Carrefour so many times, sitting there in the skincare section with its minimal packaging and with ph 5.5 written on it. So one day, I threw my hands up and I bought the hand and nail balm. Best Decision Ever! Just like the packing says, it quickly absorbs into the skin, without making it feel greasy and leaves it nourished, and is very lightly scented (it’s a very clean fresh sort of scent). Love it, love it, love it!

With the look of the packaging, I’m sure you can tell it’s been used and it’s been used quite a bit. I’ve always wanted to try something from The Face Shop and I’m glad I picked up this Mango Seed Lip Balm, oddly enough it has a picture of a pomegranate on it. It’s moisturising without being sticky and leaves a slight tint on my super pale lips with a hint of gloss. The best part is that it has absolutely NO TASTE and all the usual lip balms have this disgusting sweet waxy kind of flavour, but this one is just the opposite.



Neutral shades are my favourite shades weather that is make-up, clothes or nails. They just go with everything and I think as I get older I tweak my style just a little bit. I picked up this nail polish from Sally Hansen and it’s a perfect neutral shade to Indian skin tone. It’s neither pink nor brown just perfect! The brush is a good size, does not chip, and gives good coverage with one coat, although I always apply two coats (I feel like my colour is secure). I picked up the shade Mauve Over #455 from the Hard Wear Xtreme Nail Wear Collection.

I don’t know where candles go in a favourite category so I’ve just added it to this one. I picked it up from H&M Home mainly because of the colour and packaging but if you are a fan of sweet scents like cupcake sweet scents, you’ll really enjoy this! Burns well, gives off a good scent, and looks pretty. There’s not much you can say about a candle.


So there you go my February favourites and since you have so patiently stuck around until the end of the post I’m doing GIVEAWAY of a few of my favourite products to one of you lucky buggers out there!

  1. Mauve Over, Sally Hansen Nail Polish
  2. Cupcake Candle, H&M Home
  3. L’ACTION Face Mask
  4. Hand and Nail Balm, Sebamed

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I’ll pick a winner on 28th March 2016 and contact him/her via a direct msg on facebook and instagram!

Go on now and get clicking!




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