image Let’s Get Gifting!

So Valentine’s Day is here!!! Honestly, I do not care much about Valentine’s Day, because in my opinion if you love someone why does it have to be that one specific day that you show them that you love them? If you love them, show that to them every day and it does not even have to be extravagant, probably just make her breakfast or watch a ball game with him. My point, do not celebrate love just because it’s Valentine’s Day, celebrate love because it’s LOVE. Enough of my rant and let’s get gifting!

This is two part post and you’ll have to read until the end to find out where the second post lies.

Getting gifts for guys is one of the hardest things to do, is it just me or does every girl feel this way? But I hope with the list that I have compiled below all you girls have some idea what to get your man. Here are my top 5 gift ideas for your man.

  • I have this friend of mine who for some reason loves to carry ALL his membership points card with him and if your man is anything like my friend, my love you need to go out and get him a card wallet. There are so many options from cheap to really expensive. Pick what fits your budget and it’ll be a hoarder to minimalist in no time and you can even get his name engraved, “could that BE any more personalised?”.

Left: Splash Slim Card Holder for AED 40. Top Right: Armani Exchange 100% Cow Leather Card Wallet for AED 183. Bottom Right: Hugo Boss Dual Toned 100% Fine Cow Leather Card Wallet for AED 350.

  • If your loved one is a foodie, Moleskine and Paperchase have some beautiful recipe journals and they are perfect for anybody who loves to cook, but who doesn’t love a man who can cook? I’m personally biased to the Moleskine Recipe Journal only because it is smaller and so much more minimalist and also travel-friendly, but if you are looking for something that is more flexible the Paperchase Recipe Journal is your friend. Both the Moleskine and the Paperchase Recipe Journal have their pros and cons when it comes to price, flexibility, aesthetics and size. The only advantage the Paperchase products have over the Moleskine is that anyone with an Emirates Platinum Card in Dubai can receive a 20% discount on the products. You can purchase the Recipe Books from BORDERS. The Moleskine Recipe Journal costs AED 110 and the Paperchase Recipe Journals costs AED 90.
  • Okay, this one is kind of the common kind but the suggestion I have Oh MY! You just have to go into Paris Gallery and take a whiff of this beauty! I present to you HUGO BOSS The Collection – Unique fragrance collection created from the fusion of 6 noble fabrics and 6 exclusive scents. My personal favourite, Silk and Jasmine has notes of Night Blooming Jasmine, Honey and Almond and it is a very timeless scent. Perfect for day or night and for any occasion, fresh, and sexy all packed in this one 50ml bottle for AED 595 at Paris Gallery.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 8.47.46 PM

  • There those who look good with a stubble and then there are those who look good clean shave, either way, every man deserves a good shaving kit call his own when we women fill our bathrooms and bedroom with make-up. BodyShop creates some beautiful products for men that are not only cruelty-free but also cost effective. You can pick and choose whether you would want to give him a gift set or just selected products and create a gift basket of your own, there is literally something there for every man. Another brand that does great shaving kits for men is L’Occitane and again you can either purchase single products or get him a gift set (range from AED 99 – AED 1089). Here are two samples of gift sets for him, both around the same price range of AED 150 approx.
  • Now if none of these gifts suit your gifting style or his style I have something that is perfect for a date night and isn’t cliche! If you don’t already know UAE in an initiative to improve health and fitness has introduced BYKY, a collaboration project with a German based company called NEXT Bikes. The concept is simple, its rent-a-bike service and it’s first of its kind in Dubai. Customers can download the Next Bike app via the Google or Apple Playstore and create an account feeding in your card information, next you can visit any of the 10 bicycle rental stations dotted around Dubai Marina, Jumeirah and Downtown Dubai at key locations. In all 16 bicycles locked at each of the stands and can be rented for AED15 for 1 hour up to AED 80 for 24 hours per bike. A person can rent a bike with just entering their phone number and the bike number he/she would like to rent and can rent up to 4 bikes per person. If you want to do something out of the ordinary rather than taking him on a date take him on a bicycle date. I think dates like these are more fun and romantic than just eating out in an expensive restaurant. The Dubai Marina stretch is the perfect place with a number of restaurants lined one after the other that you can head to after your bike session. Unfortunately, as of right now the BYKY website is currently down, but you can still download the app and check out how the system works. Here is an article that you can check out in the meantime.

I’ve collaborated with a fellow blogger called “The Trevor’s Kitchen” for this one so head over to his site to check out 5 Unique Gift Ideas for Her and if you don’t know who he is her’s a short intro: Ranked on #6 on Zomato’s Foodie list, Culinary Student and a Lover of Food in general! If he recommends a place, believe me, it’s coming from someone who truly loves food.

I do hope that this helped you make some choices and that your partner is happy with the love he is receiving!

Until next time, thank you for stopping by and sharing some love!


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