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Raise your hand if you are a tea fanatic!! Because if you are I have a tea you would want to want to check out!!

So lets back up a little before I start talking about the Tea how I happened to find this tea. Its a random grocery shopping day and in my house that’s my responsibility (do any of you guys have grocery shopping at your responsibility, let me know :) ) and I love to check new products introduced in the supermarket basically, I can easily spend an hour or two even if I just have to get milk and yogurt. In this process of getting lost in the supermarket, I saw this really beautifully packaged box kept in the tea section and I was immediately drawn to it. The tea is from one of my favourite tea brands in Dubai and since I was almost out of my tea at home, I thought to myself, “Well Bhoomi, you are almost done with the tea at home, you might as well have some back-up”. That was a month and some days back and since then I am hooked to this bad boy!! Let me introduce to you (insert drumroll) Twinings Blackcurrant and Vanilla Tea. 

Twining Blackcurrant & Vanilla

Man oh man! It’s the perfect calming tea that I love to drink at the end of the night because it does not have any caffeine and only 2kcal, and 0.3g of carbs (for all the people interested in the nutrition value). It’s the perfect pick me up drink for dark wintery nights. The flavour of the blackcurrant can overpower if you steep it for too long and cover the notes of vanilla and ginseng, but nevertheless, I still feel it was worth the buck.


Hibiscus, Orange Peel, Orange Leaves*, Blackberry Leaves*, Lemon Peel*, Rosehip, Liquorice Root*, Ginseng (2%), Blackcurrant Flavouring, Vanilla Flavouring, Blackcurrant Pieces (1%). *All the herbs are gently steamed to preserve the natural flavour.

Brew Time & Process

Infuse the tea bag for 3-4 mins (you can leave it in for longer, I just leave it in there until my tea gets done) and then you can enjoy the sweet tangy taste of the blackcurrant complimenting the aromatic vanilla.

Where can you find it?

I purchase this from LULU Hypermarket, but I have also seen it in Al Maya Hypermarket in Lamcy Plaza, Oud Mehta.

It definitely worth a try if you are a fan of fruit infused tea or even if you are not, you may never know what you could like until you try it. Also what tea would you recommend, leave them in the comments below.

Until next time, thank you for stopping by and sharing some love

A quick update: I am working on improving the blog so you may see some changes in appearance, upload timings, and content (the content may mostly remain the same), so please bear with me.


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