image Winter Skincare Routine

For the past couple of years I was under the impression that I had combination skin and that I needed to use products based on that, but last year during summer my skin felt tight, dehydrated and flaky. Summer in Dubai is extremely brutal, but what I experienced with my skin was something very unusual to me. I looked it up and whatever I researched showed that I actually have Dry Skin. I am quite sure that pretty much every girl knows what exactly what dry skin so I don’t need to go explaining that.

I tried a day cream and night cream from No7 that was advised to me by the assistant in Boots for skin that is dry and pigmented and that product literally did nothing! I do understand that each person’s skin is different and what may work for someone may not work for another person. I’ll have a complete review about this in another post. So let’s get to what I am using currently and I think I’ve pretty much figured my skin out but then again in this day and age with so much happening skin can very easily.

I’ll begin with my night time routine as that’s where the main action is. I begin with cleaning my face with the Michael Todd Oat and Honey Cleanser, I take half a pump and cleanse my face and neck for at least 60 seconds. This cleanser is absolutely wonderful for 3 main reasons, 1. the main ingredient in this is aloe vera so you know your skin is not just getting cleansed with water; 2. honey nourishes and moisturises, and has antibacterial and soothing properties; and 3. oat extract penetrates deep into the pores and unclogs pores, high in antioxidants, and soothing. Once this is done I pat my skin dry with a tissue, I do not like using a towel as that can get too harsh.

Next if its a pamper night I will use the Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask, this is more like a peel and it has pumpkin enzyme that gently exfoliates fine lines and wrinkle and is high in antioxidants, and 5% glycolic acid that helps to brighten the skin and promotes cellular turnover. I would not recommend to use this if you have sensitive skin because it does tingle quite a bit. I leave it on for 15 mins and wash it off with tap water. The peel does make my skin feel very tight and to restore some of the moisture I use the Michael Todd Avocado and Mango Mask. This mask just smells so heavenly, like sitting by the beach and just relaxing. The mask is rich in Omega’s, strengthening vitamins and soothing natural ingredients and is an ideal formulation for dehydrated, distressed skin needing a boost of hydration. Its packed with Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive oil, Sunflower Oil, Blue Green Algae and Seaweed, Shea butter and Mango butter and organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. I apply this mask for 15-20 mins and wash it off with tap water.

If I have a low key night without the masks, I will get straight on with my moisturising. I have a bunch of scars from before due to lack of care take and I was really hunting for a good product for a long time. I tried home made treatments but none of those worked until I found this one product that I think has slowly started making a difference. Its by this brand called Professional Solutions and I use the Giga White / Bio White Whitening Serum. I picked it up when I had gone for a moroccan bath treatment to Solo Tree Spa in Media City. This serum has really helped me out to reduce the pigmentation and scaring. I use day and night under my moisturiser. It has a dropper and I need about a pea sized amount to cover my entire face. I work this product in section and really massage it in for 30 seconds per section. I have two moisturiser one for night and the other for day. I use Celestial by Lush at night because it is so rich and nourishing, and scent really calming. Next I use an oil to really pack in the moisture, I switch between Khiel’s Midnight Recovery and 100% Argan Oil. The Argan Oil I bought was only available a beauty world exhibition that took place in May this year, however you can purchase 100% Argan Oil at Dragon Mart for around AED 100. I use about 3 drop of Khiel’s Midnight Recovery or half a pump of the 100% Argan oil. I know these oils little up there in price but if you have dry, dehydrated and flaky skin you need to try these oils. An alternative that I can recommend is Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, just a pea size amount and really work the oil into the skin. My day time routine is very normal, I use warm water to cleanse my face because I still want to retain the moisture in my skin and apply my day time moisturiser, Gorgeous by Lush. I dot it all over my face and neck and massage it in and that’s about it.

I’ve been doing this routine for the past couple of months and this has really helped my skin. I do make sure to drink a lot of water to help remove all the toxins out. So just keep yourself hydrated and eat well.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Until next time, thank you for stopping by and sharing some love.



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