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So I’m back with yet another Haul. These are a couple of bits and bobs that I picked up recently and I am so in love with.



I’m absolutely in love with this 2016 Planner. Its everything I’ve been looking for! It’s got a bunch of inspirational quotes, a section for my musing and thoughts, got a section for a monthly and weekly break-up of things and most importantly it has random sections in the planner that ask you “Goals you want to achieve this year”, “What have you accomplished so far?”, so all in all The Perfect Start for my New Year and like how my planner says “Today is the day“.


I recently picked these earrings up from H&M in Mirdiff City Centre and are perfect to add some delicate bling to your ears. They have a cuff that goes around the mid-section of the ear, so it gives the appearance that you are wearing a few earrings giving your ears an edgy look.

This necklace is Perfect for someone who wants to get into the festive spirit without going really all out with the sweaters and cardigans. I picked them up from H & M and they come with a total of 8 pendants! Not bad at all for the money I paid for it. H&M even has festive earrings to match some of the pendants.


I’ve been on the hunt for a blanket scarf that isn’t too much pattern and just goes with everything and I’ve finally found the one! I love the length of this and the fact that its not square. The monochrome checks with a hint of red make this a perfect accessory to a very simple outfit. I can pair this with a simple tee shirt and jeans or with a blouse and skirt. Great for work or just a casual evening out. I picked this up in Mumbai from Forever21. Unfortunately I cannot find the exact kind but here is something that is a great alternative.

Ankle boots, brown, lace ups, buckle detailing and can be worn all year long, what’s not to love about these shoes! They can be worn with or without socks (whatever floats your boat) and they do not give you blisters if you wear them for long. New found favourite pair. Picked them from Forever21 for AED109. I know they are still available in store but unfortunately I do not have an online link for the item since the webstore is USA based.


So I went a tiny bit crazy with Lush this year, I’ve never picked up more than 2 items, but this year I just binged and I picked up somethings I’ve been wanting to try.

Bath Bomb - The Experimenter
Bath Bomb – The Experimenter

Holly Golightly (not available online) and Father Christmas are the Limited Edition bath products for Christmas, and Sakura, Sex Bomb and my absolute favourite of the lot The Experimenter are from the permanent collection. Get them while you still can at the Lush outlets.

Hope you’ll enjoyed this post.

Until next time, thank you for stopping by and sharing some love.

Happy Christmas!!!


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