image DIY Christmas Sweater

Christmas is literally around the corner and its a time when everyone is in the holiday spirit and in their fashion best. Over the last couple of years Christmas themed sweaters have gained tremendous popularity. Now if you live in the UK or USA you should find plenty options of sweaters in the lower end of the spectrum, but if you live in Dubai the starting range is about AED 130 and that to me is a bit of a waste of money if I’m going to only wear it once. That made me think why do I need to spend that much when I can get a much more personalised sweater for a max of AED 100 and I can use that sweater throughout the winter.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Sweater – I’ve picked black, but even Green and Red would work great!
  2. Christmas decoration – there are plenty options in Home Centre, Homes R Us, Daiso
  3. Fairy Lights – I’ve got mine from Typo and they are powered by batteries
  4. Needle and Thread (alternative: safety pins)
  5. Gold spray paint or gold acrylic paint
  6. Glue


  1. You’ll want to wear your sweater to know where exactly you want to place your decoration and mark those areas. Since, I intend my jumper to be a Christmas tree I will be placing the decoration in random order.
  2. The next step would be to lay your sweater flat and simply place the decoration on your sweater so you have a visual of how it will look when it is all put together.
  3. Next with the help of a needle and thread I’m going to sow my decoration into the sweater. You could also use a safety pin if you do not know how to sow.
  4. Since I will be using lights on my sweater I need to make sure that I do not sow into the wiring and also make sure it is sowed in well so it does not move around.
  5. This project is very as you feel like. So you can either stop here or go on and probably even stitch (or pin) a stocking at the back of your sweater. However, I shall stop at this.
  6. And there you have it, the finished product. If you already have a sweater and the Christmas decoration you basically got a free Christmas jumper!

This could also be a great last minute gift as you would be spending much and it shall be a fun unique gift!

Hope you’ll enjoyed this post.

Until next time, thank you for stopping by and sharing some love.

Happy Christmas!


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