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Monochrome. There is something about a classic black and white outfit that just works for any occasion. Whether it be a Corporate party, Graduation, Night Out or a Casual Evening, however this specific outfit was worn for a graduation. Now a graduation is quite a formal occasion but nothing too uptight and I had the pleasure to attend my closest friend’s graduation. So I put together an ensemble that is her favourite combo in a formal but not too formal fashion.

Pairing different patterns and different materials make any outfit look fashionable and edgy especially, if it’s in the same colour palette. I paired a black and white lace midi skirt with a comfortable black blouse. I did not choose white because the beginning colour of the skirt is black and I wanted to maintain a continuity in colour. Black heels and a black bag connects the entire outfit with each other.  The best part of this outfit is that it can be worn on any special occasion (like a graduation), a dinner date, night out of town with friends, regular day at work (provided that the organisation is not conservative) or even a corporate event.
Unfortunately I cannot link the exact same blouse and skirts as I bought these items almost a year back, but I have provided similar options if not the exact for almost everything I have worn in this picture.

IMG_2015-11-21 23:29:56

Blouse: Iconic. Similar style – Option 1Option 2 and Option 3. *Option 2 and 3 are from Koton. Link is of their Turkish online store. Sorry about that*

Skirt: Express. Similar style – Option 1Option 2Option 3 and Option 4 *Please note that options 3 and 4 are from the Forever21 USA store because Forever21 does not have an online store for UAE*

Shoes: Aldo, but you can get black heels literally anywhere! Option 1Option 2Option 3 and Option 4.

Bag: ASOS. Similar style and size – Option 1 and Option 2.

Watch: Titan. Unfortunately, the watch I am wearing was a part of the limited collection, but of course I have provided some similar options. Option 1Option 2 and Option 3. In Dubai Titan watches are available at Hour Choice.

Ring and Necklace: Ring is from H & M. I cannot find it online but I am definite it is available in store. Saw it in H&M Dubai Mall and H&M Mirdiff City Centre. I received the necklace as a gift, but here are some options. *Please note that these options are from the Forever21 USA store because Forever21 does not have an online store for UAE* Option 1Option 2Option 3 and Option 4.

Hope you’ll enjoyed this post.

Until next time, thank you for stopping by and sharing some love.


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