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So a couple of days back I bought a new pair of flat pumps from Clarks. There is a bit of a back story to why I purchased these shoes, hope you enjoy a bit of story telling.

A few years back I had dislocated my knee while dancing and I being a daredevil put it back in place. The doctor said it was only a dislocation and I was asked to do some physiotherapy. But, 2 years back while I was ‘trying’ to workout and when I mean trying, I was trying out some body weight workouts and I heard something cracking in my knees. Fast forward to a few days back I went to a doctor and the doctor said I’ve something called Patela Maltracking, translated in english: my kneecap doesn’t track properly. I’ve to go through a few sessions of physiotherapy and my therapist recommended I buy shoes that provide more support and that are shock absorbing to I don’t strain my knees when walking, basically I needed grandma shoes.

I checked out shoes from Ecco, Naturalizer and Clarks. In my order of preference the Clarks were a home run, they were perfect in shape, fit, softness of the sole, shock absorbing and were even decent looking; Ecco were also good looking but the sole was really hard and I know eventually I won’t wear it; and Naturalizer was the worst in terms of comfort, but was the most trendiest.

I’ve worn the Clarks a little over two weeks and I didn’t even need to break into it. I picked a size 40 as I need to put in special insoles. The price of the shoe was AED 415, which was marked down from AED 625 almost a 25% discount, not bad a deal considering that Ecco and Naturalizer were around the same price. It does have a bit of heal but you cannot feel it because it’s all the way through. It’s made of real leather so it’s going to last me a lifetime also I can polish them, the little perforations on the top allow for breathability, the insole is so soft it’s like walking on air (or at least that’s how I imagine walking on air feels like), there is cushioning all around the rim of the shoe, and lastly, there is a lot of grip around the heel as it closes a little high around the ankle, this is especially great because after I put the insoles in normal pumps my heel pretty much slips out as it sits a bit higher.

These shoes are perfect! I can wear it on formals and even on casuals. The shoes are very formal in appearance, and look as it they were made for someone older, but I can deal with that because these babies are soooo comfortable!
I’ve attached an image of the shoes in the box and also in action with a casual outfit so you can see how versatile. Outfit details will be provided at the end of the post.

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase the shoes online and I did buy them on sale so I am not sure if it would still be available. But if you do like these shoes and can spend a few bucks extra for an everyday comfortable pair of shoes do check Clarks out.

Outfit 1

Shoes: Clarks

Skirt: I couldn’t find the exact same so I’ve provided a link to a similar skirt Black Double Slit Skirt

Chambray Shirt: I am sure everyone has a denim shirt, but if not here are two similar options Denim Shirt Option 1 Denim Shirt Option 2

Outfit 2

Shoes: Clarks

Trousers: I could not find the same colour but I’ve provided a link to the same style of trousers Giordano Trousers

Shirt: Unfortunately, I bought this shirt months ago in a sale from Cotton On so I cannot provide a direct link to this outfit but I do know that Zara and Pull and Bear always has printed shirts in their store. I’ve provided links to similar styles Option 1Option 2Option 3 and Option 4

Accessories: I’ve bought the bag from ASOS but it is currently out of stock and I cannot find a bag similar to this style. The ring with a stone is from H&M but not available on their website, you may still find it in store, the other ring, bracelet and earrings are from random small store around Dubai.

Since the shoes are black, you can pair it with any combination of clothing and accessories and create your own personal style.

Hope you’ll enjoyed this post.

Until next time, thank you for stopping by and sharing some love.


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