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A couple of weeks back ASOS was having a massive sale on their website and I’ve always heard such great things about their items, so I thought I would pick some up for myself. ASOS is an online store based out of UK and they carry other brands like Monki, Misguided, River Island, Lipsy, Illamasqua and so many more in addition to their own brand ASOS. ASOS sells not only clothing items for women and men, but also footwear and make up and has something for everyone, even petite and tall.

The website is quite easy to understand, you make an account, link your paypal account with them and start shopping. Items added to the bag (shopping cart) is saved for only 60 mins, however you can ‘like’ the item and it will be added to the Saved for Later bag. They provide free shipping to UAE, if the total bag value is over £25, else £3 as shipping charges. The delivery time says 7-12 days but it can get delayed because of traffic from their side.

So I bought these items on 13 Oct and I received the package today i.e 11 Nov, that’s pretty much a month, but I wont crib and I’ll go on to show you guys the items. I bough 2 pairs of shoes and a fringe cardigan. I bought the shoes in size 8, its a size up from my normal shoe size, but I always put in insoles because they are so much more comfier to walk in rather than the flat base, and the cardigan I purchased in a UK size 12 i.e. US size 8 or EU 40. I purchased all these items from the ASOS brand itself and the quality of all of them is quite good. I paid a total of £32 or AED 182.

I’ve linked the items below in case you want to purchase the same. Nevertheless do check out the items that the site have, they have a massive variety. The items I’ve bought can be found in the OUTLET section of their website where they still have a discount of up to 70% .

I do wish the package would have been sent in a box rather than a plastic packet as the shoes lost their shape. I do hope that they get it back, although once worn they do not look all that bad.

ASOS JAYNE Leather T Bar Shoes

The image of the shoe on the site is much darker than what the original colour is. The colour is a lot more a no shimmer medium tone bronze tan. They are quite comfy and easy to walk in, however I would still need an insole.

Link to these shoes

ASOS JOEY Lace Up Flatform Lace Ups

These are literally going to be the shoes I am solely going to be walking in this winter. Cheetah print came in as a fashion trend, but the print has really stuck around.  Apart from the fact that I would add insoles to them they fit perfectly, the lace quality is good, I love the jute rope detail at the bottom and they fit perfectly around the ankle. They are not at all high even though the name says flatforms. I can wear them with any casual outfit and instantly make it look like I have put in a lot of effort into my outfit.

Link to these shoes

ASOS Slub Knit Kimono Cardigan With Fringing


If you are looking to make your outfit feel more bohemian, this is the cardigan. I love the feel of the wool, it does not feel acrylic at all and its not at all fuzzy. However, because of the delicate nature of the material it can crease a little. It is not a heavy knit, but it will keep you warm in the not so cold winters that Dubai sees. I love the fringe detail and the rust colour is so on trend this season. They do have this in white as well, but I couldn’t help myself from choosing this colour.

Link to the fringe cardigan

All in all I love all the items and I cannot wait to style it. Even if you’ll do not decide to buy these items do check the website out.


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