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Ever imagine sitting in a meadow filled with fresh cut grass and white flowers probably daisy or dandelions and just having a peaceful evening. If you have, LUSH is your go to store. Everything in there is made with the freshest ingredients, products that are not tested on animals and some of their products are even vegan!

I have not shopped a lot from this store, it is a bit in the higher end of the price spectrum but whatever I have purchased I have not regretted buying it one bit! I have never purchased any of their haircare line mostly because everything either has silicones or sulfates and that just puts me off. However, recently my friend raved about Roots and how it promoted healthy growth of her hair, her hair was so much lush (get it!) and had so much bounce.

I have curly hair and I absolutely love following the Curly Girl Method, involves using hair products that do not contain silicones and sulfates, but at times it gets really hard to find products that give you volume without the harmful ingredients. Naturally, my curly hair is decently big and bouncy-ish, but I cannot get enough of having bigger hair and of late my hair does lack lustre. So I took the plunge and I bought Roots. In Dubai it costs AED 117 for a 225 gms pot. I must put a disclaimer though Roots does have sulfates and its in the top few of their ingredient list. The store assistant claims that they are not harmful and use only a 2% strength sulfates, I don’t know how much truth there is to that.


Roots is basically a hair mask to be applied 15-20 mins before a shower. The scent is extremely minty and the feel is more of a thick paste. Mint smell and white paste I felt as if I was applying toothpaste to my hair. I applied it directly to my dry scalp in sections in as even a layer as possible. It is quite hard to understand if the layer is even at the back of your head. Once I had applied it to my entire scalp, I just wet my hands a wee bit and massaged it all in. I must say products that have sulfates lather up real quick but this did not. I did not apply any of the mask to the rest of my hair, because I was afraid the sulfates may dry my hair out.


The tub says to leave it on for 15-20 mins, but I lost track of time and ended up leaving it in for close to an hour. Now do not do this! I have read reviews where some people have had negative affects of doing so. I do not use shampoo because most shampoos have sulfates and I wanted to see if the mask would wash out by just Co-Wash (conditioner wash). When applying it did tingle but it did not burn my scalp, which is a good sign. After leaving it on for close to an hour I washed it out and I must say I tried to lather it up but there was no lathe whatsoever. I used my regular co-wash conditioner and washed up my scalp and my regular heavy duty conditioner for the lengths of my hair and detangled it. Normally, during my detangling routine quite a bit of hair falls out, but after using the mask not a lot fell.

My post shower routine is the same always so I know, if I have used a different product does the product make any difference to my hair. My normal concoction includes a leave in, an oil and a hold product. After that is done I plop my hair and let it dry. I do not use heat on my hair and air drying takes me a good 2 hours minimum depending on what I am doing. While my hair was drying I could still feel the minty feeling on my scalp and my hair felt quite light. Once all my hair was dry completely, I did not feel much of the mint tingle, my hair really did have a good bounce to it, and my curls were more defined and looked nourished.

I would give it a 4/5 only because it has sulfates even if it is in a low strength and amount. I shall continue to use it, probably once in two weeks. But, so far my first impression is very positive and now I only need to see how long do my curls stay in shape since I used Roots. I would recommend to buy this product if you are ok with the sulfates and are looking for a good hair mask that aids in reducing hair fall and promotes healthy hair growth. You can purchase it online at and you can have the product delivered to your doorstep! Hope this first impression was useful.

Until next time, thank you for stopping by and sharing some love.


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